Sandringham Primary School
Anti-Bullying Graffiti workshop
Forest Gate
Spray can over canvas

OnTheLevel were commissioned by NCY (Newham Consortium for Youth) to work on an antibullying programme
with a cross section of young people from Sandringham that have been affected by bullying. In this case we had the
victims of bullying and the intimidators working alongside each other with a mediator.

This was a four week programme where the young people had one session of looking at various websites for inspiration
and research of ideas about anti bullying. The purpose of the research was to come up with a set of images that would
reflect the idea of respect for each other.

The next few sessions were used to complete their own posters using the images from the previous session which were
then used to select one idea for the final piece to be created on canvas by the our team of artists.

The final day was designated for the young people to have the opportunity to spray paint, so we created a separate
canvas with outlines of all their names and then in small groups they were asked to come and colour them in.

The outcome of this piece was to make the intimidators and the victims work together as a team to learn the
importance of respect for everybody and to display their work and message to the school during an assembly,
where they were presented with a certificate of achievement for completion of the programme.





Please note that the children's faces may appear blurred to protect their identity as per Protection of Children Act (POCA).