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OnTheLevel Productions specializes in providing street art initiatives for young people, developing measures to assist local communities in reducing crime by providing activities for mainstream schools and other organisations and groups, as well as youths who have an
anti-social background.

Our projects aim to deliver practical and accredited courses in alternative forms of education and will be heavily complimented by an extensive crime diversion measure which will operate during 'out-of-school' and 'prime time' periods, for youths who are:

We will endeavor to improve sites in local community areas through the implementation of street art murals and graffiti productions with community involvement. We strongly believe in these types of activities as a way of regenerating local areas as well as fighting unwanted tagging and irresponsible graffiti in and around these local residential areas where it has become over-run with street tagging and mindless vandalism.

We feel that by working with these youths we can support and educate them to raise community awareness, create more artistic designs for their local community as well as for hospitals and schools. We feel this will be a substantial spin-off to the wider community. They will also gain a better understanding of the arts and their role within the local community will be established and developed.

Our team of artists
also provide a range of services for the market place, including:

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