Ponders End Community Development Trust
Community Festival
Ponders End Civic Centre (London), winter 2004
Spray can over canvas

This was the first Winter Festival - Community Day in Ponders End. The main objective was to get as many
people from the local community as posible as a get together day, to promote common activities and a better
understanding of each other. It sure had the high participant expected, and the event provided basketbll and
football skills events, a take the stage event with music performances and drama groups, plus other activities
such as face painting, hair braiding, arts & crafts, etcetera.

The entry was free and refreshments were available to everybody. OnTheLevel Productions took part in an
Eco Street Art event, which consisted on an arts competition, which anybody could join, no age limitations.
Children as young as 4 years old took part on it, and also adults had a go with the spray can. Our mission was
to guide the participants with tips and ideas, since it was the first time most of the participants had tried the
spray can medium. Although it was a competition, winning was not the most important thing but the interest
and enthusiasm the youth showed during the event.

All the artwork was exhibited afterwards at the centre, so everybody had a chance to see the work of these
young artists.

Special thanks to Matt Lane for giving us the oportunity to tke part in this event, and to Michael Leslie for his
great help during the workshop. Also to all the participants, you were amazing!





Please note that the children's faces may appear blurred to protect their identity as per Protection of Children Act (POCA).