NDC Party In The Park
Graffiti workshop
West Ham
Spray can over board

NDC organised this community get together day, packed with exciting and energetic workshops firmly rooted in the culture and
therefore general interest of the young people in West Ham and Plaistow area. There were many workshops and activities going
on, and attendance was excelent, with hundreds of people taking part in tne event.

OnTheLevel Production collaborated in the DJ Workshop, which had 117 young people registered to take part, and in the Graffiti
Workshop, which saw over 30 young people at one stage of the day.

The DJ Workshop had girls and boys learning side by side to spin the 'wheels of steel', mix in the latest tunes and add their own
poetic language in the form of MCing to the whole artist process. Our Music Tutor 'Chef' used his knowledge of the genre to
capture the minds and draw out the talent that exists in the young people. An MC competition took place as well, just before the
main dance tent went live with DJ's from Flava Radio. Throughout the whole day the youth tent provided the platform to showcase
local talent. It was all kicked off by the Kai-Zen Theatre Company who performed a series of drama and dance pieces. Then a
host of young DJ's, singers, actors, MC's and rappers took to stage to entertain a crowd of over three thousand young people
over the cause of the day.

The graffiti workshop saw over 30 young people at one stage of the day - diligently working alongside our trained artist Wayne B.,
to create their view of the world they live in, with big landscapes of their area. Bright logos of the brands they associate with their
culture and words, which described their feelings of how they are seen by officials and adults.

In all, a great day for the community. Everybody left with a feel-good factor and empowered with
the sense of unity experienced during the day.

Our special thanks to NDC for their support.





Please note that the children's faces may appear blurred to protect their identity as per Protection of Children Act (POCA).