Hamilton Road Centre
"Making Tracks" Graffiti workshop
West Ham
Spray can over canvas

Making Tracks, the community based outreach programme, involved 12 young people from the local NDC area who
took part in a series of art and ICT (information and communication technology) workshops aimed to promote Making Tracks
programmes and activities to young people in the area.

Stage one of the project was to show the young people a self produced OnTheLevel audiovisual documentary, highlighting
the responsible use of graffiti as an art medium, as well as the different techniques involved and some previous pieces of
artwork previously done by our team of artists as examples of what can be achieved with the use of spray cans.

The next stage was for the young people the prepare their own skecthes and ideas about the project's theme, and then
come together to discuss what they would like to achieve and represent as the final concept for the boards.

Finally, the young people were split into groups and given owernship of their own board which they were then responsible
for the completion, under our supervision.

The final piece, including all the ideas and previous sketches done by the young participants was used as a promotional tool for the Making Tracks team and was displayed at their premises in East London.





Please note that the children's faces may appear blurred to protect their identity as per Protection of Children Act (POCA).