Leaving Care Team

Leaving Care Team
Canvases for L.C.T´s reception
Spray can over canvas

Leaving Care Team put up this contest inviting young people to submit colourful designs reflecting youth
culture and diversity. The winner and the runner up would attend a graffiti workshop with us to jointly create
these two full size murals to be displayed in the reception area at L.C.T´s premises in Haringey.

Two days of hard work were required as the participants learnt the different techniques and skills required for
the task, as well as basic design and artistic tips and advice. We must say we had lots of fun helping these two
young artists create the pieces, and we are sure they enjoyed the workshop as well!

Special thanks to Simmon for his support and to Tizita and Maurene for their enthusiasm and excellent work
during the workshop!





Please note that the children's faces may appear blurred to protect their identity as per Protection of Children Act (POCA).