NDC Community Fun Day
Graffiti workshop
Spray can over display board

NDC planned this fun day for Eastlea Park in Plaistow. This was a taster for things to come and also as it was
identified that there were no play provisions available to 5-16 year olds during the Easter period.

The Fun Day involved an open access system, where parents were encouraged to attend with their children, and
participate in the activities.

The day was a tremendous success with almost 40-50 children during the course of the day engaged in various
activities, having OnTheLevel organising a graffiti live session and workshop. This time we invited urban artists
Ebzke, from London and Denis, from Madrid. Both worked on a set of graffiti pieces on display boards.

The Fun Day included the following activities:

The day was enjoyed by staff and residence, with the parents joining in as well. Fantastic Day, one of many,
and thank you to all those who participated on the day!!