East Lea Secondary School
Graffiti Session
East Lea (Canning Town, London)
Spray can over board

East Lea Secondary School commissioned this set of pieces for a community based programme which involved
30 young students from the school who took part In a series of art workshops facilitated by NDC. The aim of this
project was to highlight the school's relationship with the local community.

The school's art department organised a series of youth involvement workshops to generate ideas and themes
to be reproduced on a set of display boards by our team of graffiti artists.

The next stage was the consultation process where we all came together (students, teachers and artists) to
brainstorm ideas for the final piece.

The execution of the final artwork was carried out by the OnTheLevel team on site at the school as an exhibition
piece. This went on through the day with groups of students being brought down from their art classes at different
stages to see the progression of their artwork and ideas. The students were encouraged to ask us questions about
the different techniques and equipment used in the production of the final piece, interacting with the artists as
much as posible. Some of the students were given the opportunity to replicate techniques that they had observed
earlier in the day.

The final piece was then used to be displayed at the school in various locations, such as a backdrop for the drama
studio, musical performances, etcetera.

These workshops and activities were intended to encourage young people to think about their role within the school

and the local community, through the positive use of the graffiti medium.